Test for functionality before going for large-scale production.

  • Reliable test planning, execution, and evaluation process.
  • Ensuring High-end quality testing.
  • Resource Management.

For a product to be a success, it has to undergo a thorough testing and experimentation phase, which will determine its functioning at various parameters over varied dimensions. The process becomes imperative for early-stage detection of underlying problems and reduces the overall cost of production, thus ensuring a quality product.

The process involves the following steps :

Design verification
  • Schematic verification
  • Visual inspection: We have an expert team specialized in soldering and assembly that will inspect and check your product for errors that may arise during its development concerning components placements, cold solder, insufficient solder, and quality of soldering.

User Testing

We can perform tests with the device by providing the following conditions in our lab, to get the accuracy of the output in these conditions.

  • Functional testing: Our engineering team will verify all the functionality from the testing document.
  • Performance testing: Testing like the Life cycle of switches and other electromagnetic components. Engineers are capable of implementing various ways to test the long-term life of a product.
  • Environmental testing: TVarying environmental conditions like temperature and humidity and see how the device acts in these conditions, what factor changes the accuracy.
  • Varying input power supply voltages: Testing the extreme limits of input protections. In-circuit-testing: In-circuit programming of programmable devices, peripherals, and flash programming testing.
  • Automatic Inspection: By creating test zigs and code automatic testing is done for response time and a long run of product.

Pre-compliance testing

We can perform tests on your device with pre-defined testing criteria so if you go for certifications these reports can help identify real issues in time.

  • EMI / EMC testing

Analysis Report

These reports can help understand the device errors and account for performance under all extreme parameters:

  • Thermal profile: Your device will be introduced to high–quality thermal cameras to obtain a thermal profile of the device.
  • Power analysis: By attaching the device to the current analyzer, we check for unwanted current spikes and the device runtime. Inferences are drawn and presented in the form of graphs and reports.
  • Load testing: The device undergoes testing in extreme conditions to determine its performance, for instance running the device on a low battery to check for a time, the accuracy of data, and other factorial changes.
  • Range and Data rate testing: Manual range testing in the real world, like testing the communication reliability by going out in open areas, with the help of tools we make reports between distance and RSSI values and data speed.
  • Competitive analysis: We help you analyze the product from every aspect of the user. Compare your device’s functionality with a similar product in the market and highlight your advantages through its performance or usability.

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