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Techshlok is a Research and Development Electronics Design House and electronics product development company, specializing in prototype development, testing, and generating feasibility reports. With a wide array of product portfolios ranging from consumer to medical and industrial needs, we have been working on excellent engineering providing intuitive and future proof designs, manifesting innovation into hardware. We specialize in analog circuits, designing embedded hardware, IoT (Internet of Things) wireless light fidelity, controller-based devices, hardware-software integration, touch display, and battery management systems.


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A team of engineers striving to serve innovations indigenously and globally with our quick, qualitative, and credible services in electronic product research and design services.

Our work model is aligned with enhancing society and benefiting the environment. We have been undertaking projects addressing and aiding our obligations, actively disposing of e-waste responsibly, and reducing our non-degradable product consumption through recycling and judicious use.
Ayush Jain, an alumnus of BIT Mesra, is an entrepreneur based out of India. He founded TechShlok labs in 2015 right after graduation, which is a service-based company providing electronics engineering solutions. “In Today’s fast-paced world, when we can get custom software, custom website design, personalized apps with ease then why not customize hardware.” With this premise, he founded TechShlok, to provide custom electronics hardware easily and in an affordable manner. He worked in a Research Center in his college days and had served the Indian Armed forces with his engineering skills. He was invited by the Cabinet Minister of Jordan, on behalf of TechShlok for their work in Light Fidelity technology. He is passionate about science, engineering, politics, spirituality, and basketball.

Ayush Jain,


Our team comprises of professionals from all over the India with their vivid experience in electronics development ranging from PCB designing, fabrication, circuit design to testing and assembly. The engineers are having experience from 3-10 years in their respective field.

A future-proof, intuitive design with excellent engineering.