The Battery Discharger is designed to discharge utmost 40 batteries simultaneously at 1 Ampere discharging current. The device is capable of plotting discharging curve of the 40 batteries simultaneously through software. The software can also store the instantaneous voltages of the batteries in excel sheet.

The Battery Discharger also offers adjustable cut-off voltage.


  • Supports 40 batteries
  • Discharging at 1 Ampere
  • Separate chamber for Loads
  • Low power consumption
  • Supports max 12 V battery
  • Adjustable cut-off voltage
  • Discharging Curve plotting
  • Supports saving data in Excel sheet
  • USB interfacing for software



A typical application of battery discharger includes studying of the discharging curves of different batteries.




Parameter Min Max Type
Input Voltage  - 240/110 Volts
Input Current  - 5 Ampere
Battery Voltage 5 12 Volts
Discharging Current 0.9 1.1 Ampere