Our refined team of skilled engineers and state of the art designers sit together and, work to turn your dream into a reality through carefully calculated steps mentioned below -

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The idea you propose has to have a physical existence. For its physical existence, our team performs an extensive study about all the materials and components required for your project. The study phase is aimed at shortlisting the best suitable components for your design on the basis of power consumption, durability, exchange scenario to name a few. The study phase is an important phase and gives the most crucial kick-start to your prototype as, the case study revolves around the durability, feasibility and robustness of your product. It gives a proper insight about the prototype’s overall budget, the necessary features that should be included , the time scale for completion of the project etc. Read More >

Here is where the real deal begins! After carefully analysing all the hardware requirements, our team begins to build upon your master prototype. From developing the circuit to coding the functionalities, all of it is taken care of by our essential and expert engineers. The benefits of a working prototype are huge -  you get to analyse the working product and, think upon adding new features and modifications, the prototype can be shown to investors for reference purposes to get funding,  you can launch your prototype for crowdfunding platform, as you launch an explanatory video people start recognizing your product etc.

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After developing the essential prototype, the testing phase is a crucial one where the prototype is expected to work properly. All the bugs and errors are listed by our team of testing agents and, is reported back to the engineers to fix and develop. The testing stage is the durability and actual realisation state for a prototype, where all the major bugs of the prototype are fixed, it is tested in different scenarios , under different temperature atmospheres and, additional circuits are added to cater to protection and fluctuations.

Having reported the bugs to the engineers, our fine team of best-picked electronics engineers sit again to get hold of the error that is creating the bug. All the bugs are studied and carefully dealt with. New changes are incorporated in the prototype hardware and, the related code. Having gone through product review, new features can be further added and, the previous ones are made better or revised according to a client’s need.

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After examining every aspect of your prototype that it defines quality and class, we will finally give it a classic look moulding it into a final casing and a PCB, so that it looks the best when you present it to a prospective business client. A final testing is done after to ensure all the components are intact for perfect functioning.

Here comes the part where we will bid adieu to the product and, hand it over to its ideator i.e you. The prototype can very well be delivered to you before it is made into a classic looking surface mounted device. For shipment to countries other than India , we have export license to ship the product carefully in your hands with insurance facility too.

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Are you ready ?

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Why our clients order product  design at Techshlok?

Within our company, we carry products through the entire process of design and development. Our industrial designers control the entire process, from the creation of the concept to the final ready-to-use device. Our customers receive the following benefits:

  • Analysis of prototypes and countertypes of the new design as well as enclosure development in accordance with client specifications and the latest market trends.
  • An efficient team of a designer, an engineer, and a production technician collaborating through all stages of the project.
  • Confidence inspired by our vast experience, and our track record of successfully completed projects in industrial design, engineering, and production launch.
  • Selection of the optimal production site for manufacture of prototypes and mass-production. Outsourcing of the basic technological processes allows us to choose the best contractors for each task.
  • Use of state-of-the-art technology for plastic enclosure design.

  • Feasibility Study
  • Prototype Development
  • Custom Development
  • TechShlok works with a predefined pedagogy and, once you decide to take your idea a notch up, we will also elevate the standards. Your prototype will go under research for suspected bugs and changes and, it will be tested upon various issues. Having cleared all the necessary obstacles of research, your prototype will be hard-cased and manufactured into a real product. You will decide the number of units you need, we will ensure its appeasing quality and brand identity. Our product design projects include not only development of style and appearance of a custom made enclosure, but also its structural design and manufacturability analysis. We prepare documentation for each device’s subsequent mass-production.

    The experts at TechShlok provides customer support at all stages of development:

    • Idea generation and conceptual work-through
    • Development of the original design and construction
    • (drafting, 3D-modeling, and visualization)
    • Selection of materials for the enclosure
    • Manufacture of prototypes and samples of the enclosure
    • Production launch