The idea you propose has to have a physical existence. For its physical existence, our team performs an extensive study about all the materials and components required for your project. The study phase is aimed at shortlisting the best suitable components for your design on the basis of power consumption, durability to name a few. The study phase is an important phase and gives the most crucial kick-start to your prototype as, the case study revolves around the durability, feasibility and robustness of your product. It gives a proper insight about the prototype’s overall budget, the necessary features that should be included , the time scale for completion of the project etc.

Major deliverables in a study reports are :

  • Block diagram of the electronics with part numbers of key components
  • Timeline of milestones
  • Suggestions to lower costs & risks
  • Feedback to improve your product

All you need is a product concept.  No prior development or prototype is necessary.  We'll need a list of product features and a description of your product.

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Product Studies conducted at TechShlok :

  1. Energy Harvesting Self Powered Device
  2. Biometric VLC Device
  3. Smart BreadBoard
  4. Smart KeyBoard
  5. Meditation Band
  6. 4k Wifi Streamer
  7. Battery Discharger
  8. Lifi Data Transmitter

What others have to say about the study :

As a hardware product first timer like myself, I needed to understand development and manufacturing costs to know if I should even pursue my idea. The report gave me the visibility into every part of the product cycle and helped me make key product decisions.

-Ashok agarwal

Whether performing early stage vetting of return on investment, developing detailed cost breakdowns or looking for an objective outside assessment, it will prove its value.


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