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Q. - What is the main difference between prototype development and product development ?
Ans : The major difference between a prototype and the final product is that, a prototype can have bugs and errors but, your final product will be absolutely bug-free. During the stage of development, bugs are encountered and fixed, market suggestions are incorporated in the prototype, so that having done all the corrections your final product is a total hit. A prototype is a fully functional intermediate which will later convert into a product.  

Q. - Why is a case study necessary before prototype development? 
Ans : Case studies form the base of our research and development. It is necessary as it directs us in the correct direction for developing an efficient prototype.  

Q. - Is it right to launch product in market after development from TechShlok ? Will TechShlok be able to produce the final product to reach a thousand units?
Ans : It is from our experience that launching a beta project first is more beneficial. We are able to gauge the correct audience review at a lost cost and, there are less chances of huge loss if the market doesn't respond well to your product. After beta testing results, if the product is a hit, then we will ensure a production of thousand and more units which is totally upto you.  

Q. - If I share my idea with you, and do not wish to take it further with you. Will it be secure?
Ans : Absolutely. Before entering a discussion with any party, we always prefer to sign the NDA ( Non-disclosure agreement). This secures your idea from being leaked.  

Q. - If I am interested to avail for other services like patent,copyrights, video marketing etc. Will TechShlok firm be able to provide me ?
Ans : Without a doubt we are a firm which focuses majorly on electronic solutions. But, we have a network of extremely creative and professional ventures with us, who can help you with the same.  

Q. - What all products have TechShlok developed before?
Ans - We have had the most glorious chances of developing a bluetooth speaker, Battery Discharger, Gieger counter to name a few. You can visit our website which has our portfolio of all the projects we have invested our efforts into.  

Q. - What all ideas is your venture open to?
Ans - Sky is the limit. We are a motivated team of engineers ready to make any of your idea into a working reality through core electronics . Try us and, we will not disappoint you.